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Nuno (Portugal) - Reporter since August 2018

"It's an awesome part-time! The pay check is good, the work times are up to me and mostly on weekends. I get to watch live matches from my favourite team while getting paid..."

Joel (Uruguay) - Reporter since April 2018

"I have been working as a scout, collecting information on sporting events and I can say that it is a good job that combines passion for sport and good managment of technology. And also the opportunity to increase my income!"

Diego (Uruguay)- Reporter since April 2018

"Working as a Data Journalist for SportsData has been a great experience, if you love sports this is an awesome job to have. Of course is not the same as just watching a game, but as you gain experience, you get to enjoy it in a different level."

José (Portugal) - Reporter since February 2018

"This job is a mixture of pleasure and responsability. Be part of the action, live the moment, inform the sports community. It's a great part time because I can choose the games and days I apply to work!"

Pablo (Brasil) - Reporter since April 2017

"It's been a huge opportunity to work as a Scout, I feel very gifted because I'm such a sports fan and the chance to work with it is something else."



We, as My Sports Data Agency, have the responsibility to find data journalists worlwide to attend sports venues for gathering statistics, delivering them in real time. We have to find, recruit and train scouts so they are able to provide live scoring from your area.


We are working with the world’s leading suppliers of sports related live data, odds solutions and security services to bookmakers, media companies, sports federations and government agencies. Our partners collect data from more than 300,000 sports events per year including all sports and we want to increase the coverage of all sports in all countries.